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The majority of the artists, technicians and employees of the National Opera of Bucharest and the majority of the creators and technicians from the cinema industry are joining forces to demand the imediate and official removal from office of Mr. Vlad Alexandrescu and his team, because under the cover of an alleged reform they initiated and put in place an ample action of accaparation of the public funds and destruction of culture institution in favour of group interests.
We ask for a correct management team to be installed in the ministery, who, simultanously with a transparent investigation of the legallity of the minister and his group of interests decisions, to start a true reform in the culture.

The artists of the National Opera of Bucharest- O.N.B.
Union of Authors and Film Producers of Romania – U.A.R.F
Film and Audiovisual Producers  Society of Romania – SOPFIA
Screenwriters Association of Romania  – A.S.R.