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Tiberiu_Soare_vanatorea de vrajitoare

Witch hunt. Transylvania, 1690. In the National Archives of Kronstadt I found many documents about witchcraft lawsuits. I was searching for music, but the subject was so fascinating that I had to take a deeper look.

Let me tell you one story.

Once upon a time, a gentleman and his horse were passing through the gate of one city. After two days, the horse died. The gentlemen started a lawsuit against a lady of humble origin, because „he saw her looking at the horse with crossed eyes, causing its death”. After some water trial, a little torture, and the neighbors’ testimonies, the lady was acquitted. The gentleman was ordered to pay a 2 florins fine for calumny. Lucky lady, luckier than thirteen others who were burned or drowned between 1608 and 1690 in Hermanstadt (you can search for an excellent article by Carmen Popa and Ioana Constantin)

Are the opera artists and Tiberiu Soare guilty of cross-eying Mr. Kobborg, or did the Opera collapse because she was already sick, from the times of the previous management?

Mihai Ghiga

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