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The press campaign which denigrates Bucharest National Opera’s employees, accusing them of xenophobia is a campaign that distorts the truth. Following research carried out among BNO’s employees has demonstrated with audio-video evidence and witnesses that the cries considered xenophobic belonged to one person only, a male. We all other employees declare that we strongly distance ourselves from this unique person.

The mass media scandal created around the couple Alina Cojocaru-Johan Kobborg is a diversion intended to mislead the public opinion and distract attention from the serious problems existing in Opera: abuses, discriminations, illegalities, frauds.

Bucharest National Opera’s employees are attacked in the press precisely because they want to bring to light the truth and return the institution to legality and morality.

They accepted all the Mr. Minister of Culture’s decisions, as long as they have legal justification.

BNO’s employees have sounded the alarm, by refusing to support the performances, purely as a helplessness and disapproval’s reaction, following the negotiations of Alina Cojocaru-Johan Kobborg couple that pressured the Ministry of Culture and the Romanian Government, by conditioning their return to BNO only when the director, dismissed because of legal irregularities reported by the Court of Auditors, will return in function.

Please note that we have expressed ourselves according to civil rights guaranteed by the democracy, namely the spontaneous protest and not by a strike, as erroneously claimed Mr. Ioan Holender.

We also believe that the statements and the solutions proposed by Mr. Ioan Holender represent a total slender of BNO’s employees and an attempt to destabilize the national culture.

We call on all Romanian operas and philharmonic orchestras to join our campaign of the tradition and national value preservation and to eradicate abuses and frauds in the current cultural area.

Please note that there is not the BNO’s operating system that brought our institution in this impossible situation, but the Răzvan-Ioan Dincă’s disastrous management team, that is currently under the criminal trial.

We insistently ask DNA (National Anti-corruption Division) to investigate urgently the economic and financial situation of the Bucharest National Opera.

In this way, we do specify that we are desolated for Mr. Vlad Alexandrescu’s resignation from the post of Minister of Culture. We believe that His Excellency has done a tremendously important and correct thing when he appointed Masters Vlad Conta and Tiberiu Soare as BNO’s leaders.

Moreover, under the leadership of this team, we are convinced that the Bucharest National Opera would have benefited from a modern and European functioning, which we have never opposed. On the contrary, we want it!

We oppose only to the illegalities, to frauds and abuses!