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3_David Mannara

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My name is David Mannara I danced at Bucharest National Opera from 2010 to 2014 and I come from Italy.
since i joined in the very beginning we were only 4 foreigners and very quickly the number raised above 20 foreigners, by the end of my second season I got to share the stage with dancers from all over the world : italy france japan england spain switzerland belgium cuba usa and of course from romania.
all our romanian collegues always welcomed us very warmly ,even if our arrival in the company was really sudden and big and brought many changes.
They always had an extra care for us being aware that we were not in our own countries and away from our families… so they became our FAMILY.. at anytime we were procted
One example: my dear friend Maki Shirase needed an urgent surgery for her appendicitis to be removed …the first thing i did i called my romanian collegues that immediatly brought us to the hospital and wait with us all night to support our collegue.
This is only one of the many episodes where my collegues showed that i could completely lean on them always.
i have the best memories in Bucharest and on the stage of Romanian National Opera because we were people from different countries, different culture but the love for the arts was the glue that brought us together !!!
I cannot accept that someone missunderstand the situation behind a cold screen…without really knowing and basing themself only from an article of press that does not rappresent the reality and unfairly accuse them of xenophobie.
Me and all of mine foreign collegues that joined the company starting from 2010 are the prove that this is not true.
I m proud to have spent four years in Romania in bucharest.It was the best decision that I could make.
i m supporting with all my heart my friends and collegues.


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